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For several years Rutek A/S has supplied complex stainless steel pressure vessels, atmospheric vessels as well as equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

An understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements for product quality, the highest degree of traceability and associated documentation, has made Rutek A/S a preferred supplier of complex stainless steel pressure vessels and atmospheric vessels for this industry.

There is always a great focus on the surface finish of solutions for pharmaceutical use.

At Rutek we therefore also have great experience of grinding surfaces, as the requirement for grinding is most often Ra < 0.6 μm. With subsequent electro-polishing of vessels and components special consideration is required in the manufacture and grinding in order to achieve the best results.

The ability to supply the required quality, often within a tight timeframe, qualifies Rutek A/S as a competent business partner for the pharmaceutical industry, when the requirement is for stainless steel pressure vessels and other high quality stainless steel constructions.

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