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The offshore industry often places great demands on safety, product quality and documentation.

 At Rutek A/S we fulfil the high demands that are placed on the manufacture of complex stainless steel pressure vessels, atmospheric vessels as well as equipment for the offshore industry.

In order to document this Rutek A/S is, among other things, certified according to ISO 3834-2:2006 which shows that the company is working to the strictest requirements for traceability, handling and manufacturing etc. within welding stainless steel materials.

An understanding of the offshore industry’s demands for safety, product quality as well as traceability and the documentation associated with this, has meant that Rutek A/S, over several years, has supplied complex stainless steel pressure vessels and atmospheric vessels to this sector.

The ability to deliver the required quality, often to a tight schedule, qualifies Rutek A/S as a competent business partner for the offshore sector when the need is complex stainless steel pressure vessels and other stainless steel constructions of high quality.

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