Some say that good quality costs a lot of money. At Rutek A/S we are sure that bad quality costs you even more money!  

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Quality is always at the forefront at Rutek A/S and our vision includes the notion "Total quality" as a central element. Among other things we define "TOTAL QUALITY" as:

The initial contact – Regardless of whether your first contact with Rutek is by telephone, e-mail or by searching on our website, it is important to us that you quickly receive the data and information you need. We make sure that your telephone call and e-mail is always answered quickly and that you can always find up to date information about our company, quality, products, contact details etc. on our website.

Dialogue concerning identification of needs as well as Sparring & Guidance during the project phase – After the Initial contact and when you have assessed whether Rutek has the right skills necessary to meet the requirements for your application; we go into the project in more detail. At this point an experienced engineer is assigned to your project who is subsequently responsible for keeping you informed throughout the project phase. This ensures that you receive qualified consideration of all technical questions as well as proactive suggestions for improvements and alternative solutions to your project.

Product quality and Documentation - At Rutek product quality is our absolute top priority and we have decided to be certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 3834-2 in order to support this. We actively use our quality handbooks to continually improve the quality of our products, processes and procedures, which, among other things, benefits our customers in the form of a high degree of traceability and subsequent project documentation.

Delivery and follow up – When we have entered into an agreement where the technical details are specified, we can agree on a delivery date together that you can be sure we will keep to. If there are technical changes or other unforeseen occurrences during the project which could affect the delivery date, we ensure by having ongoing contact with you that these situations are assessed as soon as possible in the process.

All the above points are important ingredients in a successful project process and they are all things that you can expect when you work with Rutek A/S.

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