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In addition Rutek A/S is a consistent supplier of tanks and processing plants to the food industry.

When you choose Rutek A/S as supplier for your next project involving stainless steel vessels as well as other stainless steel equipment for the food industry; hygienic design and manufacture is of the highest priority. In consultation with our customers we ensure that, among other things, the hygienic design, CIP solutions, inspection access etc. matches those requirements that the relevant application demands.

Rutek A/S supplies stainless steel vessels and other constructions worldwide. The stainless steel vessels can be a part of your process where the requirement is for cooling, heating and stirring etc. or storage tanks as well as other stainless steel equipment. Rutek A/S has a large production capacity and wide experience of solving large and small tasks for various food sectors.

Surface finish is often an important aspect of deliveries of stainless steel production equipment to the food sector. We can therefore offer to supply our equipment with a large range of different types of grinding, pickling, electro-polishing or coating depending on the job.

Traceability and documentation is standard for all stainless steel equipment that is supplied by Rutek A/S. All production materials, added materials etc. that exist in the company are registered with all relevant information and we ensure that documentation is always readily available for the customer, even during the manufacturing process.

Rutek A/S is registered with the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and we receive regular inspection visits to check our processes and traceability. These visits are entered in inspection reports. The most recent report can be read here.

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