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With regard to the chemical industry there are often greater demands for safety concerning construction, as any accidental chemical release could have great environmental consequences and great expense for the company responsible.

For additionally demanding processing plants, Rutek A/S can therefore supply, among other things a double walled stainless steel pressure vessel or storage tank. The tanks can be made in all stainless steel types including, among others, Duplex (SAF 2507/EN 1.4410) or SMO (EN 1.4547).

In order to document our strict requirements for quality Rutek A/S is certified according to ISO 3834-2:2006 and ISO 9001:2008 which, among other things, shows that the company is working to the strictest requirements for traceability, handling and production etc. with regard to welding in stainless steel types.

At Rutek A/S all stainless steel tanks and constructions for the chemical industry are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications and the abovementioned ensures that all aspects of the project are assessed and dealt with before the start of production.

The ability to supply the required quality, often to a tight schedule, qualifies Rutek A/S as a competent business partner for the chemical industry, when the need is for stainless steel pressure vessels and other high quality stainless steel constructions.

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