Custom made tanks and vessels up to 700 m3
Process plants and equipment
Pressure vessels and equipment according to PED

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Why work with Rutek


- You will have a Skilled Sparring partner
At Rutek A/S we have a number of very skilled employees with many years service in the company. This guarantees that we clarify your requests and requirements right from the start of the project and from these we subsequently draw up the optimal solution for you.

- You will have a Quality Solution
For us quality is not only a word, but a concept that everyone conforms to. Our quality in workmanship as well as in the finished product has been developed over many years and this has made us the preferred supplier of stainless steel vessels and constructions to many customers. Quality also manifests itself through daily contact with our customers as well as the high level of service which we always strive to deliver.

- You will have a Punctual Delivery – Every Time!
When you enter into an agreement with Rutek, you can rely on us to comply with it. We always inform you at the start of the project if there are circumstances you should be aware of, which could possibly delay a required timeframe. Close contact throughout the project process also ensures that any delay on account of design changes or similar is agreed beforehand.

- You will have a Financially Sound Solution
At the time of the initial contact your demands for materials and surface finish etc., among other things, are decided upon which all have a bearing on the price. We will give input and offer suggestions for cost-saving changes so that we always optimise the solution in relation to the price/quality. When we compare this with the other points in this section and add this to our efficient production/handling, you receive an individual solution that is always financially sound.


We look forward to receiving your challenge!

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