Quality policy

Rutek A/S wishes to be regarded amongst our customers as leaders within quality and we want all orders to be seen as quality orders. Quality orders are when we live up to or surpass our customers’ expectations with regard to quality, flexibility and consistency of supply and thus add extra value to the individual customer. Kvalitet 2 skaleret 321

Through guidance, quotations and the completion of orders we aim to make quality and flexibility our keywords in conjunction with strong competitive parameters.

At a minimum the orders must correspond to the specified requirements and we ensure that errors are avoided in all respects rather than having to undertake subsequent remedial work.

All employees must perceive the work they do with regard to quality as a concerted task and demonstrate the highest degree of quality awareness and give a high degree of customer satisfaction.

In order to live up to our quality policy we will:

be responsible for continuously improving the quality of our processes, products and services.

  • be responsible for identifying possible improvements in efficiency which can add increased value to our customers and the company.
  • always ensure, through information, training/education as well as experience that the individual employee has the conditions and qualifications in order to be able to carry out the work at hand.
  • all work with openness, honesty and with respect for each other throughout the entire process.
  • support and ensure the quality of our services by establishing, maintaining and continuously developing a quality assurance system, which at minimum corresponds to the requirements in DS/EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 3834-2:2006. 
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