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In our workshop at Rutek A/S we are processing stainless steel materials only and in addition, we are certied according to EN / ISO 3834-2 which is specific directed against welding companies/activites.

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When manufacturing unique customer made stainless steel solutions, a high degree of quality awareness and professionalism together with a pronounced critical sense are keywords in delivering the best job possible.

The most important parameter in the manufacturing of your stainless steel vessels, stainless steel tanks or other stainless steel constructions, are therefore our talented and competent employees. Everyone of them has great experience and knowhow on technical manufaturing possibilities and everyone is dedicated to delivering the agreed quality at the agreed delivery time.


The most important machines in our workshop (welding machines, rollers etc.) are all new, and they help us to ensure a uniform and competitive production. We continously make sure to broaden our machine park to maintain and expand this field.

The production facilities at Rutek A/S are really good and makes it possible for us to build large constructions indoors. Indoors, we can manufacture stainless steel tanks and vessels at all sizes. From stainless steel tanks less than 5 liters and up to stainless steel tanks of more than 200.000 liters.

Do you have a need for larger stainless steel tanks (more than 200-300.000 liters) we usually manufacture the stainless steel tank on-site at the customer. (Transport depending)

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Examples of some of the projects we can help you with (not limited to):

  • Tank installations
  • Pressure Vessels with PED certificate according to EN 13445
  • Pipe systems
  • Manufacturing and build-up of process plants.

We always have an interest in new exiting corporations were we can make a positive difference for existing and new customers.

Please, contact us to hear more about how we may be able to make a positive difference to your business.

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