Customer comments

"As an approved supplier to NNE Pharmaplan A/S and Novo Nordisk A/S, Rutek A/S is capable of producing Tanks and Vessels for the high demand pharmaceutical and biotech business.

The high level of tank production knowhow and large production facilities has proven that Rutek A/S are able to handle relatively large orders with a very short lead time without compromise on the high quality level.

Documentation based on GMP production is a part of their excellence.

With a small engineering department that holds a very wide and large production knowhow, Rutek A/S is always in front of offering the smartest solutions for the customer.

Flexibility, capacity scale, GMP documentation, production and solution knowhow are the key words when choosing Rutek A/S as a cooperation partner in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry"

Designer - Mechanical Engineering, Vessel Team.


"Within the last year we have used Rutek for the manufacture and design of a spray drying chamber and associated components for the pharmaceutical industry.
The components are designed and manufactured in accordance with the PED regulations and therefore there has been an extraordinary focus on the associated documentation and the actual manufacturing process.

Rutek has carried out the tasks with great precision and has been able to supply FAT documentation at the pharmaceutical level.

The working relationship with Rutek has been good, Rutek is a competent and flexible business partner who both can and will supply quality products within the agreed parameters".

Contract Engineering Manager, Chemical Division


"Rutek is a flexible and good business partner. They actively contribute to achieving better solutions through a constructive working relationship and putting forward good suggestions.

We are very satisified with their deliveries, which are of a high quality and we will work together with Rutek in the future.

We recommend using Rutek as a good and important business partner"

Project Manager, Sales & Service

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