Dimple Jackets

Rutek A/S designs and manufactures stainless steel cooling jackets and heating jackets (Dimple Jackets) for use in the manufacture of stainless steel processing tanks around the world.

Kølekappesvøb          Kølekappesvøb på tank 
Dimple Jacket shell after manufacturing. Dimple Jacket mounted on a pressure vessel.

Dimple jackets are used with stainless steel processing tanks where cooling or heating of the tank’s contents is required. The special design gives rise to a lightweight and strong construction, which allows a working pressure on the jacket of between 0 bars - to approx. 40 bars and temperatures between -10ºC to 250°C.

Rutek A/S manufactures dimple jackets in the Austenitic steel types EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) and EN 1.4404 (AISI 316). For demanding applications where the actual processing tank has been made in Duplex steel we also manufacture the cooling jackets and heating jackets in the Duplex steel types EN 1.4462 (SAF 2205) and EN 1.4410 (SAF 2507).

Kølekappe på DIN28011          Kølekappe Coils 
Dimple Jacket fitted on a tank bottom DIN28011. Dimple Jackets manufactured as coils (1.500 x 50.000 mm).

The cooling jackets and heating jackets can be supplied in standard plate measurements or according to special measurements so they fit your application exactly.

If required we can also supply the dimple jackets preassembled on the tank shell, end plate or cone bottom. Thus you save manufacturing time and the jackets are supplied welded, pressure tested and approved in accordance with PED 97/23/EC - 13445.

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